Sunday, March 29, 2009

Can you say BUSY?

Busy doesn't even describe it!
Right after my last post telling y'all about my latest project my right hand (yes of course I'm right handed) started hurting. Went to the dr. and I've got tendinitis! If y'all have ever had that you know how bad that hurts. It's in my thumb so....everything I do hurts. From what I understand it takes forever for it to get better and finally go away. Now my project in on hold.

My friend Wilma did tell me she would help me digitize the pattern so I could do it on the machine but I love handwork. We'll see what I finally decide to do.

I've been listing a few things in my two online store but have been so busy in my "real job" to do much. Getting ready for our local Shop Hop, training a new receiving clerk and just staying busy ordering product for our three stores and website.

Shop Hop was so much fun. The store gave away so many door prizes and we had so many NEW products it was hard for our customers to decide. Our common quilt was set in 4 different settings and while we all used the same fabrics for the 12 blocks (each store designed it's own block using the same fabrics) our finishing kits were so different you had to look closely to realize the fabrics were the same.

Art Fire store is going well...still waiting on my first sale. I keep reminding myself that it takes a while to build a business. I honestly believe that even in this economy it is THE time to to refine your business.

I've taken on a position in my online guild as the Guild Master. However, I am not alone. Three other guild members and I have formed an Administration Team. We are working together to further Sew What guild. This is a general sewing guild for everyone who loves to create with fabrics and threads. And our mission statement is:
To mentor, inspire, create, and to improve our skills and techniques while making friends.

Come check us out at Art Fire. Do a search in guilds for SEW WHAT. We have great talent in our group.

In and Because of HIM,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm learning a new quilting technique that is quilting in the embroidery hoop on my Bernina machine!

My latest project is a hand embroidery black and white sun & moon. When I'm done with the embroidery the plans are to do crazy quilting around the 12" square block in my blacks and whites. I'm on the look out for a RED that will work...and I think I've found it. (Where you ask....? Well, at It's A Stitch of course.) LOL

In and Because of HIM,

Sending a big hello out to PORT MANSFIELD...and my brother and sister-in-law.