Sunday, June 13, 2010


Gotta laugh right?

When life throws so much at you all at once....what else can you do? Cry...well, maybe for a while. Go to bed and cover up your head?  OR start over...or again...or wherever your situation has landed you. is what I decided to do...start over, revamp and learn from the experience. Which lead me to my here is another lemon.

Take a gentle peek at my new blog design. I say gentle because I really AM aware...honest I am...that there is this huge space between the headers and the content. This is what I get from using the DESIGN element that is new to Blogger. I am sure at some point I'll figure out what to do in order to correct this slight set back. HOWEVER, in the meantime I'm just gonna leave it. There ARE more pressing issues to deal with right now.

I did however get a new project finished today.
Didn't think it would happen but it did...take a look and see what I made for me.

So, here it is a KNOCK OFF of my own is that for copy write  I've redesigned an old stand by pattern I designed years ago. While it is utilitarian in nature it is quiet lovely and hip. An inset of a coordinating fabric can either be worn around the waist or as an empire for the younger crowd. The ties are simple yet cute and the tie around the neck isn't my usual. So, tell me please....would you like the apron or the pattern?
Contact me through my Grandpa Grandmas Attic shop or at Handmade with Love.  Since I haven't listed it yet you will have to ask for CUSTOM order for new NEW APRON design.
Heck call me if you like...just remember when calling will get a weird little recording but you know what to do.
Just leave your message if I don't answer and I'll get right back to you.

In and Because of HIM,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It seems as if life has thrown lemons at me BUT I am hard at work attempting to make "LEMONADE"!

Have joined a new marketing group....take a look at it here. Southern Belle Marketing is a marketing group owned/operated by Jackie Erwin Ladner who has been online for over 20 years.

Jackie has been helping others by marketing their biz online through her ning site and she also runs a virtual online shopping mall where she offers wahm advertising that you can find here. Both sites mingle and mesh together to make one.

Here are other ways you can connect with Jackie:

Jackie Erwin Ladner

Missississippi Gulf Coast

email: jackieladner@


cellular: 601-347-2048

Be sure and tell her Susan Peterman sent you her way!

So go check them out now...while I continue to figure out how to make THE MOST SCRUMPTIOUS LEMONADE in Texas...

In and Because of HIM,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm VERY Sad This Morning!

As of  yesterday June 1st Handmade with Love will no longer carry PDF Black Cat Creations patterns. As most of you know I work at my local quilt store and our owner called me into her office to say that what I'm doing is "conflict of interest". Earlier this year she also told me she thought my carrying PDF patterns at all was a conflict so....I may be forced to remove ALL PDF patterns from all my sites. :-(

Having said that, I have made the decision to cancel my plans for a stand alone site. I can not afford to lose my job or my health insurance because of "a conflict of interest" and knowing "all of our stores vendors" she is concerned that I will be in direct conflict with her online store as well as her brick and mortar locations. (Guess I should be flattered! ~grin~grin~grin.)

Anyway, if any of you would like a hard copy of Black Cat Creations patterns please go to their site at Amy Cotham and Judy Reynolds are super fine ladies and would love to hear from you.

In and Because of  HIM,