Thursday, April 30, 2009

1 Fat Quarter + Sewing Machine = CUTE!

Not long ago I was in an exhange with my online group SEW WHAT.

Karen was the person chosen to send me a fat quarter. Not knowing me she picked the perfect fat quarter....Amy Bradley Designs...QUILT DIVA!

Here is the Fat Quarter and the finished project. It was so much fun...Let's do this again soon.
Handmade With Love
Grandpa Grandmas Attic

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Sew What Guild on Art Fire is up and running!

Go to Art Fire...
Sign up for an account...
Sell your stuff...
Join SEW WHAT guild...

You can check the blog: at

Have fun checking it out.

In and Because of HIM,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stormy Weather and Yo Yos

OK you ask...WHAT DO STORMY WEATHER and YO YOs have in common?

Well here in Spring, Texas on Friday and Saturday we had very stormy conditions. Of course on Friday I worked and as the day went it got stormier and stormier (is that a word? Stormier?)

Saturday morning just brought more of the same....STORMS!

"Sew" I decided to SEW (like my little play on words?).

I sat down to my Bernina Artisa 730 and started to sew. I got 10 aprons finished! All that is needed now is to iron them, photograph them and put them online. My guess is that you will see them very soon at and!!!

Then I decided that I needed to add to my yo yo stash. "Sew" out came the scrap fabric, needle, thread and templates. Don't know for sure exactly how many yo yos were made during the torential down pours but let's just say, you know for argument sake, that there is never going to be a shortage of yo yos for years to come!

By contrast today is absolutely gorgeous!

Sun shinning, cool but pleasant, the birds are singing and the squirrels are chattering.

In fact out my front door I see a mocking bird perched on the mail box out by the street and a squirrel is scampering up the oak tree!

What a beautiful day.

Haven't sat down to the machine yet today....but there are about 15 or so more seasoned aprons yet to be completed!!!

Grandma Susan Quilts

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Don't you just LOVE LOVE LOVE our new Art Fire SEW WHAT guild logo? Can you tell I do?

One of our Administrative Team members Karen designed it for us and we LOVE her also.

Sew What is just getting our blog up and running in anticipation of our very first Blog Tour. Check back often for the link and more details.

Blog Tour begins May 15. To sign up go to Art Fire. You must have a paid account to join BUT it is worth the $12.00 a month for all the exposure your shop receives. Then just look in the guilds and find us....SEW WHAT....we'd love to have you.

So....COME ON what are you waiting for?

Susan aka Grandma Quilts

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Etsy Front Page from Craftcult

While you're looking at the front page of Etsy you might want to check out my shop at



Monday, April 6, 2009

Check it out!

My guild on Art Fire will be hosting a BLOG TOUR beginning May 15.
Want to join in?
Join Art Fire for a nominal monthly fee $12.00 for life.
Join Sew What Guild and HAVE FUN!
It is that easy....

Here is our official announcement:
We’ll be hosting a Blog Tour, beginning May 15.

If you’re interested in taking part in the Tour, send an email to Karen Gass

The Theme for the Tour is “Green and Pink”. The length of the tour will depend on how many blogs want to join in.

This is a great way to get traffic to your blogs and in turn to your sites, and introduce people to your products.

If you have questions about the Tour please post them in the Q&A section in the forums.

Sew What Administrative Team

Come join the fun!
Grandma aka Susan