Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We SURVIVED...having thought we had plenty of food....etc. We never anticipated being without power for 10 days! So, the "plenty of food" was a true eye opener!

Some of our friends and family are still without power as of today September 24. That is 12 days and counting. Some are not promised power until Monday September 29 (if then).

Traffic is a nightmare...coming and going to work. But we are thankful for being able to go to work.

A few of our immediate neighbors lost their homes due to trees falling into them...either sideways or right down the middle of them. Yet, we are the blessed ones...Galveston is totally devastated.

We lost 2 trees and a fence...had much trash in our yard from trees...etc being blown around during the high winds but we were spared the devastation. THANK GOD.

I will attempt to down load some photos for you all to see soon.

My Etsy store has some new sure to check it out.

THANK YOU FOR ALL your prayers during this time.

In and Because of HIM,

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sometimes we just have to make the best of situations that come our way. This seems to be one of them. We are hunkering down in place....waiting for "the storm". We have ice...water...and plenty of food...hopefully enough to last a few days if we loose our power.

One thing is for sure, "I have troubles all around me. But You, Lord, will bring me safely through them." Psalm 138:7 Prayer: Thank you, God, for caring about my problems.

When seen through the BIG picture of life...God has already prepared the job is to find the way He has already made and go there....

I might be "off line" for a while...but will be back as soon as possible.

See ya soon.

In and Because of HIM,


Thursday, September 4, 2008


OK....are you all ready????

The newest book at It's A Stitch (in my humble opinion) is:

This is the coolest machine quilting book I believe on the market.
Features include: Learning how to use your walking foot; paper-cut patterns for no marking, no math; simple stitching for stunning results.

At $20.95 it is the best bargain around. least for today.

Check out of new products....including books, patterns, and fabrics. Some new things in clearance as well.

HERE are the latest Etsy listings for GrandpaGrandmasAttic

The plans for the next several weeks are to list many Christmas fabrics. Some are novelty and some are just plain BEAUTIFUL. Don't miss them b/c I'm sure they will go quickly.

I do have a few Halloween fabrics that I plan to list...hopefully in the next week. These are not large pieces but there is enough for smaller projects like candy bags.

See y'all later.

Quote for the day: "A happy face means a glad heart." Lord Jesus, help me to put on a happy face all day.

In and Because of HIM,


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hope everyone had a good labor FREE labor day

Rick, Ashley and I along with our friends LC & Janace went to Lake Livingston again! Our favorite spot is Harts Marina in Trinity, TX. What a lovely place to spend a holiday weekend.

We did catch some fish but the highlight of our stay was our last night there. Rick caught a garfish and cleaned it for me. (Haven't had gar in forever!)

LC caught a humongous catfish! Janace even fought the spider webs and spiders off the pier to help net that one. What a brave woman is she!!!!

The quilting world beckons me today. Back to It's A Stitch and PLAY (oopps I meant work). Today I will most likely be in the web room ( filling all those orders that have come in since Friday.

Then, at some point I'll need to check a bit of product in (I'm filling in for the receiving clerk who is on vacation in Hawaii.)

After that, I will do a little work of my own....buying product to put in the store and on the web.

This is my first Tuesday of the month dinner night with my friends. We are going to a local Mexican food restaurant. That dinner is always such fun...we get to unwind and just be us. Our group consists of current and former employees of It's A Stitch.

Still no news from Port Mansfield. I assume that means GOOD NEWS!

Please check out a new Etsy link in my favorites; Crochet by Momma J. Really cute stuff.

There are a few more new items in my store as well. Take a look at this: