Sunday, December 27, 2009


OK call me cwazy!!!

More than 25 years ago my DH's niece-in-law gave me this pot! I loved it (and still do). I cooked anything and everything in this little pot.

Then several Thanksgivings back (maybe 4) I took my favorite little pot to my brothers for a family feast. I even remember the dish I baked in it (sweet potatoes)...we left early that evening without my pot in tow...

Thinking I would get it back at our next weekend visit I just left it for others to savor the remaining batch of potatoes and never gave it another thought. Well...much to my dismay (and heart break) when I asked for my pot my DSIL said, "You took that pot home"...My brain was reeling...did I? No?...but I'll look in the cabinets when I get home and double check myself.

Sure enough over the next several visits to my brothers and after asking the same question to my DSIL and knowing my precious pot was NOT at my house...I simply gave up. But, I never stopped missing my pot!

Every time I went to prepare the dishes that I was so accustomed to preparing in it ...I would miss it and lament to DH about it...EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Then one day 2 weeks ago I was on the phone with my mother. You know...just one of those girlie chit chats about nothing much in particular. I can't even tell you what started this part of the conversation BUT...I mentioned my pretty little pot and told her the story.

She said..."I think I have that pot!...DDIL gave it to me several years back saying she didn't know who it belonged to but that I could have it." 'Well...HELLOW...DUH...OK!' She describes it to me and "yes, mom, I think that is my pot!"

Yesterday, we went to visit my mom and there on the counter top...pretty as ever...was my little pot! OH how I've missed that pot...but my mom said how much she loved it being the WONDERFUL daughter that I am (she says grinning like the Cheshire Cat) told her to just keep it..."No, I would never feel right using it again. You take it home." my pretty little pot is once again at home and I am SO LOVING HER! I promise never to take her out of my home to another feast...ever.

Now, call me cwazy...but I think she must have missed me as much as I've missed her. It seemed as if I saw her smile when we walked in the door. And I'm sure I heard a gentle if to say "oh, home sweet home". What do you think? Is she smiling? it my imagination?

Either way I sure am smiling....

In and Because of HIM,

Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas to my wonderful friends both here at home and online!

Here is a picture of the "decorations" we finally managed to get up so that our grandchildren wouldn't think we were total duffases for not putting any up! The kids made these decorations a few years ago and I couldn't resist an easy decorate!

On the top of the tree is my hat that Courtney...our middle grandchild...made for me for Mothers Day last year. She did it all by herself with only a small bit of suggestions from her mother. It is the most beautiful present I've ever gotten from any one in my whole life.

The editors of Ruby eZine all decided to allow our editor-n- chief to draw names to see who would exchange gifts with name was drawn by the editor (Karen Gass) herself and the little bear with a Christmas wreath halo was my gift from her. Isn't she just the most adorable little thing you've ever seen. Karen made this little jewel with her own two hands I might add. THANK YOU Karen!

Well...the day is done. We spent it with our two DD's and the oldest DH's husband and her 3 children. We had a wonderful fun filled day. We ate...exchanged gifts...played Wii sports...ate...played some more Wii sports and then every one left...Sure is quiet after the storm...but what a very nice storm it was.

Hope you and yours had as great of a day as did we!


Merry CHRISTmas to each and everyone.

In and Because of HIM,

Monday, December 21, 2009

MONDAY (EVENING) MUSINGS it is 3 days before Christmas 2009. You would think I'd have lots to say and or at least think about...but...nope. Most the projects are completed and are ready for wrapping. Still a few in the sewing room needing the finishing touches but for the most part all is completed.

The work week will be short as we get all day Christmas eve off...then Christmas day and those who would normally work on Saturday get that day off as well. ***note this is not my home nor is it my tree. I "borrowed" the pic from FREE don't have our tree up yet...yes I know it is Dec 22. We may not have a tree at all. DH says no since in it since we will be alone this year...LOL

I put a scarf on her to see how I needed to adjust it for different size dogs...well, can you tell that she is just a little "put out with me"...but she did be still for her photo! She is a good girl.

DH is playing with the dog...she loves to torture us with her we honestly care if she keeps them from us or not. She does, however, rule the house SO we play...taking her toy is a no no but...she still wants us to get them (or at least try) from her. It was a bit long for her but it adjusts so I think it will be good. No more "fussing" with this one.

I did make a very small scarf for those pups 1-5 pounds. They get so cold! Plans are in the works to do many new items for my friend who owns a local pet store here in town. There will be custom things for the "discriminating pup" and some everyday things for the mundane days....just keep your eyes on this line! Beds, monogramming, collars...IDK maybe toys, etc. We will see...

Ok, time to get to those last few gifts and get 'em done!

Merry CHRISTmas everyone.

In and Because of HIM,

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Today one of my co-editors for RUBY ezine shared on our members only blog the following website...WardrobeRefashion

I took Bridgetts' lead but only signed up for a two month pledge to refashion my wardrobe! Don't want to OVER COMMITT to anything over & above my already over committed life! So here is a picture of MY SIDE of the can't tell which pieces of clothing needs to be ReFashioned but I know. And there are MANY.

So, Brigett we are in this one together. And who knows at the end of my two months I may sign up for another and another and another....I have plenty of clothes to refashion that's for sure.

Looking forward to seeing where God leads me in this venture.

In and Because of HIM,

Thursday, December 10, 2009


At some point in our lives we have all given and accepted random acts of kindness. Today on THURSDAY THOUGHTFULNESS let's see how many ideas we can come up with to show more kindness and be more thoughtful toward others.

In our busy world we can get so self centered (even if we don't have that personality type). Myself for one...I get so enthralled in my daily routine of things that MUST GET DONE...working full-time away from home, 2 online stores, sewing for others, writing devotions for the online magazine Ruby, part owner of Cotton Spice Pattern Shop (a PDF company for crafting patterns of all genre), I'm a wife, mother, grandmother....OH MY!

I've said all that just to say this: "We are all busy...we all would like to show bits of kindness...but where do we 'find the moments'? How can we train our thoughts to include others on a regular basis.

Here are a couple of my favorite books on the subject of GIVING TO OTHERS. I hope you can get copies from your local library or better yet purchase them so that you'll be able to reference them from time to time. They are wonderful examples of how to put others first.

The Holy Bible...God was the very first giver...He gave life to the earth...then His Son, Jesus, He gave His life that YOU and I might be saved. So that is my first reading recommendation.

"Silver Boxes: The Gift of Encouragement" by Florence Littauer - I read this book years ago and oh my what a wonderful book of giving and sharing.

"Random Acts of Kindness" published by MJF Books - a collection of stories from people recalling random acts of kindness that they have personally experienced.

Here is a small list to get you started...Remember there is no act small enough that it will not count.
** Pick up bits of trash you find in your path today.
** Say please and thank you, if that is not your norm (and if it is don't stop).
** Open and hold open a door for a man (if your a woman) and women (if you are a man). Believe it or not most people love that!
** Do something out of the ordinary for your spouse today..need not cost a thing. Remember those little things they loved for you to do when you first met? If you've stopped doing them start doing it again TODAY.
** Give another driver your parking spot.
** Let the person in line behind you go first.

This list of suggestions is just that...a list. Make your attention to those circumstances around you that will give you cause to act on the kindness that your heart speaks to you.

My hope for today is that my Random Acts of Kindness will touch those around me but more than hope is that they, in turn, will give...give that act back to some one else in ways that speak to the love of Jesus.

In and Because of HIM,

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ruby E-Zine & Cotton Spice Pattern Shop

RUBY eZine

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In and Because of HIM,


Isn't this always the sit down with a "baGillion" things to share...and the moment your fingers hit the keyboard...NOT TA!

So, this mornings musings will not be what I had anticipated from the beginning. But...then isn't that life in general?

Just when you think you have it "down pat"....a curve ball. From out of nowhere...just plops itself right down in the middle of what other wise was a normal routine day.

I'm sitting on my bed typing, watching the clock (gotta go ya know) and desperately trying to pull something interesting, witty or otherwise profound out of this semblance of a brain. ~~sigh~~ I don't think the thoughts are going to come...they are little rascals you know...thoughts.

Thoughts can be a blessing or our undoing. So, be careful of how you think. We can become our thoughts and to a large degree we ARE our thoughts. Think about it (no pun intended) if we think we can/if we think we can't...well you get the drift.

OOPS! Clock says, "time to go lady!" So, I'm outta here. I'll try to recapture all those wonderful things I intended to share this morning...and get back to you on that. However, here is a WARNING...Don't count on it!~~giggle, giggle~~

In and Because of HIM,

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Just finished this little bed for the dog. However, since it has cats all over it and the outside of it has 'fur' on might have to be for a cat...OR a cat loving dog...LOL

Let me know what you think.

In and Because of HIM,


SNOW in Southeast Texas!

I just had to share this beautiful scenery from outside the shopping center where I work. Who would have believed that on a Friday morning in Southeast Texas we would be seeing snow? And for it to have snowed all day and actually stuck to the ground (cars, trees, etc) was a gift from God.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son...that whosoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16

God gave us the gift of His Son and on Dec 4, 2009 He gave us the gift of snow!

Isn't it lovely?

Thank you God for sharing a bit of beautiful fluffy, frozen, rain!

In and Because of HIM,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Have you ever said something similar to this?

"I 'wanna-b' a________?"

If you filled in the blank with "become a pattern designer" or "writer for a magazine"...well....we have the position for you!

Seriously, RUBY eZine is looking to fill a couple positions for writers. Just go to Ruby Blog and contact Karen...she will help you out.

The other great opportunity is to become a designer with COTTON SPICE PATTERN SHOP

And here is the very best news of all...Karen Gass has written a booklet "HOW TO WRITE QUILT PATTERNS"! Booklet can be purchased at COTTON SPICE PATTERN SHOP. This "How To" can be adapted to most any pattern you have in mind to publish. So, if you're a designer of any craft give it a try.

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Looking forward to hearing from YOU.

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In and Because of HIM,