Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yesterday I started a Beginners Quilting terms log. These are common terms quilters use everyday.

....Backing: The bottom layer of a quilt.

....Backstitch: The stitches taken (2) when sewing a running stitch. This keeps the stitching in place.

....Basting: These are long running stitches used to temporarily hold the fabrics in place. Used until the piece can be permanently sewn down.

....Batting: The middle layer of a quilt. This can be either polyester or cotton. Batting comes in various sizes...from a high loft (really fluffy) to a low loft (really flat) and some where in between. I prefer cotton batting.

....Bearding: Polyester fibers in batting can work their way through to the top of a quilt. This leaves a "beard" affect. Not a desirable out come for a quilt you've worked so hard on.

....Betweens: The needles used in hand stitching (quilting) the layers of the quilt together.

....Bias Grain: Fabric grain runs at a 45° angle. Sewing on the bias will give you the greatest amount of stretch in your project. GOOD for binding; NOT so great for the quilt body.

....Binding: The finished edge of a actually frames the entire piece.

....Bleeding: When one color transfers into another. This can be VERY messy. Prewashing your fabric is a must. Especially reds.

....Block: The unit created once the smaller elements have been stitched together. They can be either hand sewn, machine stitched, or appliqued together.

....Borders: Strips of fabric that are placed around the blocks. Either patchwork or strips of fabric can be used depending on the look desired in the finished project.

More tomorrow....

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Good morning everyone.

I am so excited...fall is in the air (at least the Texas version of fall)! As anyone in the quilting world knows fall means QUILT FESTIVAL. A friend and I are going on Saturday for a full day of oohing and the beautiful quilts that come from all over the globe.

Oh, we might "have to" do a little shopping as well ;).

I love FESTIVAL time. It is a very exciting time for all quilters. We can see others works of art and all the newest "gadgets" for the quilting Diva in all of us.

The store, It's A Stitch, my full-time bustling with shop owners from all over the world. And beginning today we will have quilt shoppers coming in to "shop 'til they drop". If you live in the greater Houston area come on over and visit us. We'd love to meet you.

While you're surfing the web this morning you might want to check out http://www.itsastitchonline/ there are many new products, weekly specials and clearance items.

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Hope you all have a great day.

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Grandma Susan Quilts

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


TV programs were my first introduction to the world of quilting. I watched Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson daily. However, she spoke a language so foreign to me I couldn't help but think "this is way above my head".

Not to be to discouraged I decided to keep watching...then a bright idea occurred to me....WHY NOT TAKE A BEGINNING CLASS? That was all it took! I was hooked!

My mother and I started a business in Old Town Spring near our home. It was so wonderful I got to sit and quilt and sew all day. I loved it. As life changed so did our business.

For you newbies out there..... the next few blogs will feature definitions for some of the most common quilting terms.

.....Alternate Blocks: Secondary blocks that alternate with main blocks in a quilt. They can be plain, pieced or appliqued.

....Applique: The technique used for sewing fabric shapes on top of other pieces of fabric.

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Monday, October 29, 2007


My Listings at
This morning I thought I'd share my Etsy store with you. My feature for the day is a Jan/Feb 2001 edition of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.Check it out all you may be one of those things you just can't live without :)
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sometimes it just helps to sit back and think

I've been thinking all day (not to unusual for me) about what I will do with my new blog.
Many ideas have come to know....all the "how to's" and "what for's" and "how comes" of quilting.

While I'm still trying to get my blog together please check out my store on Etsy. Grandpagrandmasattic is the name.

Just go to and in the search bar type in Grandpagrandmasattic and in the drop down box next to it click on seller: usernames. My shop will appear!

Thanks for visiting me on my blog and for taking a look at my Etsy store.

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Let's get quilting

Welcome to Quiting Savvy

In the next few weeks I will be adding quilting ideas and pointers to help new and "seasoned" quilters as well.

For now I just wanted to start you all thinking about how you might want to contribute.

Sections in on my blog will include:


  • My own designs

  • Others designs (with their permission of course)

  • Free patterns and ones you can purchase

Links to my other sites.

Hopefully, I can add to this list quickly.

Until later.

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