Sunday, November 30, 2008

Check out these two new links HYPERNOODLE and her profile page is a hoot! Her specialty is handmade purses and they are gorgeous. Check it out.

This second link is NATIONCREATION and her specialty is vintage. She has a variety of things online including books and patterns.


I love to do crazy quilting. Yesterday I sat down with some Moda Jelly Rolls and voila...a tiny bright preemie crazy quilt top.

Check out the is so cute. Now all I have to do is complete it and give it away.

Does anyone know where I can find a recipient?

Also, don't forget to check out my new items in my Etsy store.

Tomorrow I get to go back to my real job. I get to play (I mean work) online checking out all sorts of good notions, patterns, purchase for It's A Stitch.

Today when I was out I came across a magazine I'd never seen before. It was called Artfulblogging. It was a pretty cool book. Anyone seen that one? Have you checked it out? Lots of really cool stuff in it. Wish I'd a bought it. Sounds like a very cool way to network.

Well, till next time.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008



JodiKay - Handmade Goods has a shop on Etsy and she put one of my items in her treasury...take a look at Her shop id is Take a look at her shop she has some pretty cool things listed.

One day 'till TURKEY DAY! Yeah, if I had to choose which of the holidays were my favorite they would be: Easter and then Thanksgiving.

I will start my cooking this afternoon after work. The "little people" will be here to help and to spend the night. Then we will head back over to their house for the turkey. I'll take my homemade dressing, dirty rice and mixed greens (collard, turnips and mustards). All favorites from my "cajun" roots childhood. My grandmother used to make many of the dishes that will grace our table this year as in others.



In and Because of HIM,


Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have been on a listing spree with Etsy. I purchased a half mannequin (female) and have finally decided to part with those aprons that have been stored away since I closed my brick and mortar store in Old Town Spring.

So many of my friends (the long distance ones) have asked about my studio. "What does it look like?" "How much fabric do you really have?" Where do you do all your creating?"

Well, here it studio. It used to be our garage. But years ago we turned it into a bedroom/play room/laundry. When we no longer needed it for those purposes we transformed it into a heated and air conditioned space for me (Grandma/Susan) and Grandpa Rick (my hubby of 38 1/2 years) to do our crafts.

My brother, Bo and his wife Cricket, who live in Port Mansfield, Texas came and revamped the space into one large work area with many electrical plugs and a separate laundry with a real door!

Some days it looks better than this...on others well, let's just say it does get worse.

You enter our space from our dinning/kitchen area (so the coffee pot, Cokes, Dr. Peppers, snacks are but a short walk from our work area). As you enter the "office area is the first you see. My computer and a couple cabinets are stacked along the wall for storing those precious things that we have online. Directly left of that area is the laundry room which also houses our pantry.

Then right ahead of that is Grandpas small work area where he does all his important work...making crosses, doing puzzles (his favorite pass time), and some "mystery" projects I'm not supposed to know about. A sheet sometimes covers those so that my prying eyes don't see. And yes, for those of you who are wondering...I do NOT peek.

To the left of the step down going into the work area is my cutting table and ironing station. Book shelves are on that wall and the adjacent wall. The window is one of two and lets in some much needed natural sunlight.

Under that window is the space where our grand(babies) 12,11, and almost 8 create their works of art when they are here. We also call them our "little people".

My sewing machine sits on a 72 inch folding table and to the right of that is an ironing surface so I don't have to get up and press those smaller projects. Then behind me is all my fabric stash.

There are 4 wire shelves, bins, bins, and bins full of all sorts of fabric, batting, and baskets of ribbons.

We "opted out" for a REAL floor. The garage floor is just fine. We don't have to worry about clean ups because....we sweep, vacuum, mop and voila' we're done!

Finally, at the very front of what was the garage is a wall with container after container of both novelty and regular buttons. My jewelry making supplies and the "little peoples" crafting crates. Of course they are welcome to any or all of the materials here in our work area. The only rule here is "Please ask first."

Long winded...sorry. But when I get started...well you can tell it really is hard for me to stop.

Hope you're not to bored! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008


GrandpaGrandmasAttic has several new items in their shop this week.
Two are aprons and have been repurposed.
Both are aprons: one from 2 placemats and one from an old pillowcase.
Why not check them out?

Susan/Grandma Susan Quilts in the Quilting Attic.

Buy Handmade

Friday, November 14, 2008


Well "MY LITTLE GRANDCHILDREN" are not so little anymore.
Hannah will be 12 next week.
Courtney was 11 in October.
Jake will be 8 in March.

Oh my goodness where does time go....I'm getting very old. One of my co-workers "Billy" has reminded me daily (multiple times per day) of just how "OLD" I am. He is teasing and I know that. If he didn't I'd think he was mad at me. Billy and Curtis are our machine technicians at It's A Stitch.

This summer (July 19) I celebrated by 4th year working at IAS. What a four year experience that has been. I started out being our receiving clerk. Then about 2 years ago I was promoted to re-buyer/secretary and while I really enjoyed being the first to actually see and "fondle" the fabrics and notions that came in the door I really love seeing all the new things that are coming in BEFORE anyone even knows they have been ordered.

There are many new things about to come in that we have ordered from the HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL QUILT FESTIVAL and MARKET. Patterns, notions, fabrics....oh my!

By the way if any of you live in the Houston - Humble, Texas area and need a job????? We are hiring a new receiving clerk. :) Come by and get an sure to mail it in not stop and drop it off.

Well, got to go. It is time to work in the sewing room a bit and then head out to the Chiropractor then work. I hate to call it "WORK" b/c I really do have a lot of fun and enjoy my job.


In and Because of HIM,


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My friend Wilma is buying a Bernina 830 machine. THE top of the line Bernina machine. I would be very envious except for one thing...I have her Bernina 200 that has been upgraded to a 730!

I am so very excited to own this machine. It will do anything and everything I will ever need it to do. No, it won't sew or embroider things for me but then I really wouldn't want it to because that would take all the fun out of it.

Soon and very soon I will be "cranking out" so many new projects you won't be able to keep up with me. All you will see is a blurrrrrr going across your screen.

Here are a few of my newest additions to my etsy store.

Buy Handmade

"See y'all soon."

In and Because of HIM,


Saturday, November 8, 2008


2008 Festival was indeed great. We (It's A Stitch) worked very hard to get our products ordered...packaged...displays made...and YES...we even laid flooring in our booth the first night of set up.

I had never participated from that vantage point before so it was truly an interesting experience. We started about 4:00 p.m. and was at home in bet about 10:00p.m. Then we started all over again on Wednesday morning bright and early. Booth was set up and ready for our first customers by 5:00 p.m. Preview night was great (from what I hear). I left around 4:30 or so and headed home for some much needed sleep!

While was wonderful as usual. I worked at the store the rest of the week, even did a little shipping from the web room. Then on Saturday I got to enjoy festival as a customer. Rick and Ashley went with me and we walked from one end of the George R. Brown convention center to the other. Shopping IS hard work you know.

Anyway, now we are back at It's A Stitch...undoing everything we did to get ready. Product must have a home so I've been busy stocking our store shelves and sharing with the other two locations. The web room/shipping is up and running full steam ahead with Melissa at the helm.

Me I've been ordering...ordering...ordering...lots of new things Judy (our owner) found at market and Gen will be posting to our web site as soon as the new product comes in the back door.

What an exciting time! With Thanksgiving right on us and Christmas not to far behind (can you believe it?) we are gearing up for the greatest season of all...the celebration of our dear Saviors birth!D

With 2009 lurking just around the corner we are excited to see what God has in store...

Don't forget to check out our It's A Stitch website at Keep your eyes open for new products and the new Bernina 830 will be in the stores soon :)

Until next time.
In and Because of HIM,