Saturday, December 6, 2008


The quilt store, It's A Stitch, where I work is having a big sale today. Not only is it an in store sale but also an online sale...check it I didn't have to work today...

So many projects to complete by Christmas and so little time.

Night before last we went to our middle grandchild's Christmas play at school. She was "Warmth in your heart". What a sweet part for a sweet little girl. And I do mean little. She just turned 11 in October; but she, like her mother, is very small. She doesn't like that now but I am sure that before long she will realize what a blessing that is with shhh (the boys). Anyway she was precious.
Don't you agree?

Tonight we'll go to our church program "Uncle Matt's Diner". Our daughter, the mother of the precious little one in the school play is in it. Not a major role but one that will not be missed by her father and me! We go to The Church At Creeks if you're in the mood to see a great Christmas play and you live in the Spring, Texas area hope on over.

Well, my quilting projects are calling my name and time is short. So until next time...happy quilting, crocheting, painting, or what ever makes you happy.

See you soon.

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