Saturday, March 6, 2010

L@@K What I Found Today!

Hubby and I had to go buy a garbage disposal this morning. YUCK...but it is nice to be able to live with out the bucket under the sink for all the nasty stuff that had started leaking.

Tomorrow he promises to put up a new light fixture in my studio and while it is nothing fancy (shop fluorescent lighting) it works very well for the space I have. Once that is done we will only have one more light to replace and it will be finished.

Now having told you all the HONEY DO's....we headed right over to the quilt store  (a much better place to be than a hardware store) where I work and found some awesome 'tools' for my hand embroidery line coming out soon.

Once we were done there honey wanted to go to Hobby Lobby where I found some more goodies that will make my life easier for other new projects in line for the new "store" coming soon.

Now that all lead to my wondering the store just in case I might have missed something...and you know I did! Here is the cutest little thing I found to help dress up the window where I sit to is not just will give me inspiration to press on harder and harder so I can one day again be a full time WAHM!

Isn't it cute?

Just a view from across the room.

AND here is what I'll see as I sit at the machine.

OK. Now I've shared my cute little ditty and what I've done today. What have you been doing on this gorgeous day The Lord has made?
In and Because of HIM,

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