Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yesterday I started a Beginners Quilting terms log. These are common terms quilters use everyday.

....Backing: The bottom layer of a quilt.

....Backstitch: The stitches taken (2) when sewing a running stitch. This keeps the stitching in place.

....Basting: These are long running stitches used to temporarily hold the fabrics in place. Used until the piece can be permanently sewn down.

....Batting: The middle layer of a quilt. This can be either polyester or cotton. Batting comes in various sizes...from a high loft (really fluffy) to a low loft (really flat) and some where in between. I prefer cotton batting.

....Bearding: Polyester fibers in batting can work their way through to the top of a quilt. This leaves a "beard" affect. Not a desirable out come for a quilt you've worked so hard on.

....Betweens: The needles used in hand stitching (quilting) the layers of the quilt together.

....Bias Grain: Fabric grain runs at a 45° angle. Sewing on the bias will give you the greatest amount of stretch in your project. GOOD for binding; NOT so great for the quilt body.

....Binding: The finished edge of a actually frames the entire piece.

....Bleeding: When one color transfers into another. This can be VERY messy. Prewashing your fabric is a must. Especially reds.

....Block: The unit created once the smaller elements have been stitched together. They can be either hand sewn, machine stitched, or appliqued together.

....Borders: Strips of fabric that are placed around the blocks. Either patchwork or strips of fabric can be used depending on the look desired in the finished project.

More tomorrow....

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