Tuesday, October 30, 2007


TV programs were my first introduction to the world of quilting. I watched Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson daily. However, she spoke a language so foreign to me I couldn't help but think "this is way above my head".

Not to be to discouraged I decided to keep watching...then a bright idea occurred to me....WHY NOT TAKE A BEGINNING CLASS? That was all it took! I was hooked!

My mother and I started a business in Old Town Spring near our home. It was so wonderful I got to sit and quilt and sew all day. I loved it. As life changed so did our business.

For you newbies out there..... the next few blogs will feature definitions for some of the most common quilting terms.

.....Alternate Blocks: Secondary blocks that alternate with main blocks in a quilt. They can be plain, pieced or appliqued.

....Applique: The technique used for sewing fabric shapes on top of other pieces of fabric.

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