Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today was a great day at It's A Stitch in Humble, Texas.

Many new products are coming in daily. It really is exciting to see what I order actually come through the back door by way of Fed-X, UPS, USPS and sometimes even DHL! Oh and I don't want to forget Office Depot.

Our oldest daughter (Angi) and her hubby (Jason) came by night before last. It was a very nice "drop by" visit. They were out and about and just dropped in. It is always good to see them. The visit was short but meaningful. I look forward to seeing them every chance I get.

Angi is a flight attendant with a corporate company and Jason is in the oil industry. We, Rick & I, always tease them that when we are "REALLY old" they will be set to "take care of us". Needless to say that goes over big.

I am working on a couple ideas for future product; not only for my Etsy shop but also for a pattern company called Black Cat Creation here in Texas. If you'd like to see their web site just go to Their patterns are just out of this world.

It's A Stitch carries most all their patterns. Judy Reynolds and Amy Cotham are "BLACK CAT CREATIONS" and they have several designers. Both Judy and Amy used to work for It's A Stitch and so did or do most of their designers. (Long sentence I know.)

My ideas will have to remain "top secret" for now...but don't be surprised if you see my name on a pattern soon. Even if Black Cat Creations doesn't pick my pattern up for their line I will self publish and you will find it in my Etsy shop.

Going to work on my projects now. Will keep you posted.

You can see my new items here.

Grandma Susan Quilts


Karma by Morgan said...

nice blog and you have a good daughter it seems :)

Barbra said...

Nice to find another 'grandma' on etsy! Great shop.

Kylie B said...

Happy Birthday.

Love your Shop :)