Wednesday, May 28, 2008


All went well over the spite of the "dreaded lady" who put out our hot dog roasting fire! Yes, and she put it out BEFORE our hot dogs were ready....grrrrr!

Not all was lost however, we caught lots and lots of catfish...lost a few (one really big one...HONEST).

BUT then on Saturday we went to the ER because L.C. got gourd by a catfish fin. He got 4 stitches and a tetanus shot. All was not lost though. We kept on a fishin'. The ER doctor gave him gloves and told him not to get the hand wet. L.C. was such a trooper. He kept right on fishing.

Janace and I fished and "caught" a real bad sun burn. LOL

Tuesday was back to work as usual. It seemed like I guess today, Wed., feels like Tuesday (except it is pay day and we always get paid every other Wed.). Guess by Friday it will feel like Thursday and I'll be surprised that I get the next day off.

Today at It's A Stitch was a great day. Ordering product as usual and getting new job assignments. Please visit our store at you will be so happy you did.
We have many new products, pre-orderable books, fabrics, etc.

While you're on line don't forget to go to my Etsy store also. You can find me at I've added new product since Monday and plan to even more product before the week is out.

Have a very blessed day. And when you pray please pray for our friend Maura. She is 21 years old and has Hodgkin's lymphoma . While MD Anderson removed the original tumor (Toby by name) he now has offspring. You can read all about it on Maura's blog spot at

THANK YOU for taking your time to read this blog and for praying for Maura and her family.

Grandma Susan

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