Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have been on a listing spree with Etsy. I purchased a half mannequin (female) and have finally decided to part with those aprons that have been stored away since I closed my brick and mortar store in Old Town Spring.

So many of my friends (the long distance ones) have asked about my studio. "What does it look like?" "How much fabric do you really have?" Where do you do all your creating?"

Well, here it studio. It used to be our garage. But years ago we turned it into a bedroom/play room/laundry. When we no longer needed it for those purposes we transformed it into a heated and air conditioned space for me (Grandma/Susan) and Grandpa Rick (my hubby of 38 1/2 years) to do our crafts.

My brother, Bo and his wife Cricket, who live in Port Mansfield, Texas came and revamped the space into one large work area with many electrical plugs and a separate laundry with a real door!

Some days it looks better than this...on others well, let's just say it does get worse.

You enter our space from our dinning/kitchen area (so the coffee pot, Cokes, Dr. Peppers, snacks are but a short walk from our work area). As you enter the "office area is the first you see. My computer and a couple cabinets are stacked along the wall for storing those precious things that we have online. Directly left of that area is the laundry room which also houses our pantry.

Then right ahead of that is Grandpas small work area where he does all his important work...making crosses, doing puzzles (his favorite pass time), and some "mystery" projects I'm not supposed to know about. A sheet sometimes covers those so that my prying eyes don't see. And yes, for those of you who are wondering...I do NOT peek.

To the left of the step down going into the work area is my cutting table and ironing station. Book shelves are on that wall and the adjacent wall. The window is one of two and lets in some much needed natural sunlight.

Under that window is the space where our grand(babies) 12,11, and almost 8 create their works of art when they are here. We also call them our "little people".

My sewing machine sits on a 72 inch folding table and to the right of that is an ironing surface so I don't have to get up and press those smaller projects. Then behind me is all my fabric stash.

There are 4 wire shelves, bins, bins, and bins full of all sorts of fabric, batting, and baskets of ribbons.

We "opted out" for a REAL floor. The garage floor is just fine. We don't have to worry about clean ups because....we sweep, vacuum, mop and voila' we're done!

Finally, at the very front of what was the garage is a wall with container after container of both novelty and regular buttons. My jewelry making supplies and the "little peoples" crafting crates. Of course they are welcome to any or all of the materials here in our work area. The only rule here is "Please ask first."

Long winded...sorry. But when I get started...well you can tell it really is hard for me to stop.

Hope you're not to bored! :)

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