Friday, November 14, 2008


Well "MY LITTLE GRANDCHILDREN" are not so little anymore.
Hannah will be 12 next week.
Courtney was 11 in October.
Jake will be 8 in March.

Oh my goodness where does time go....I'm getting very old. One of my co-workers "Billy" has reminded me daily (multiple times per day) of just how "OLD" I am. He is teasing and I know that. If he didn't I'd think he was mad at me. Billy and Curtis are our machine technicians at It's A Stitch.

This summer (July 19) I celebrated by 4th year working at IAS. What a four year experience that has been. I started out being our receiving clerk. Then about 2 years ago I was promoted to re-buyer/secretary and while I really enjoyed being the first to actually see and "fondle" the fabrics and notions that came in the door I really love seeing all the new things that are coming in BEFORE anyone even knows they have been ordered.

There are many new things about to come in that we have ordered from the HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL QUILT FESTIVAL and MARKET. Patterns, notions, fabrics....oh my!

By the way if any of you live in the Houston - Humble, Texas area and need a job????? We are hiring a new receiving clerk. :) Come by and get an sure to mail it in not stop and drop it off.

Well, got to go. It is time to work in the sewing room a bit and then head out to the Chiropractor then work. I hate to call it "WORK" b/c I really do have a lot of fun and enjoy my job.


In and Because of HIM,


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