Sunday, January 10, 2010

SUNDAY SHARING Wardrobe Refashion or Repurpose

OK...I realize that most people don't consider aprons as part of their wardrobe. However, I do. Let's face it when you get home from're need to start time to change...solution...throw on an apron! Voila..wardrobe.

I can't live without my aprons and have made many utility aprons...some of which you can find in my Etsy and Handmade With Love online stores.

Some ladies have shoe, purse, hat fetishes...mine (please don't tell)is aprons. I love to make to wear them.

I've joined Wardrobe Refashion for the next 2 months and while I've not had time (yet) to participate...I have done some refashioning in the past (yes, with aprons) and here are two I'd like to share with you.
This apron was made from 2 matching placemats found at my local thrift store. Folded one in half and stitched it to the other...made a seam down the middle of the top placemat to make 2 pockets...then sewed on a wide ribbon in contrasting colors for the tie.

This is by far my favorite re-purposed apron. It is made from a pillow case that I found at the same thrift store as the placemats just on a different visit. Front of pillowcase was the "body" of the apron while the opposite side was cut apart and made into the ties.

They both have been sold...I'm very excited about that.

In and Because of HIM,


Kathryn said...

Nice re-purposed items to aprons.

mamas*little*treasures said...

Hi Susan - thanks for visiting my blog . . . and when I got HERE, I discover that you are also connected with Karen at Ruby Magazine ;o) and we share our commitment to the Lord. What a treasure to discover other women who share so many things in common! I am working on getting my eBook patterns off to Karen for the Cotton Spice Pattern Shop website . . . . so I think we are both very busy grammies! Have a blessed weekend, Nina @ mamas*little*treasures and Gossamer Wings Studio

PS Love your aprons!

Grandma Susan Quilts said...

Thanks for your complements on the aprons.

Yes, Nina I am connected with Karen at Cotton Spice and Ruby. She and I have never met in person but God has given me such a love for her.

It is nice to "meet you"! Don't you just love how the Lord leads us to other believers?