Saturday, February 27, 2010


There is nothing more frustrating than to purchase something new, use it for a week....then mess it up! Grrrrr

Bought a new rotary cutting mat and you all KNOW how expensive they are. Well, I was working on my "secret project" for listing in my ArtFire shop this morning. Have been using my pinking shears for the project and my hand gets so tired. (Guess I need to buy those new ergonomic ones...but any way.) Then I had a genius idea (she says chocking). Why not use that cute little pinking blade on that rotary cutter that you never use? Good IDEA! Wrong...I knew better than to use it on my new mat...but time was ticking and I couldn't wait to get this little "ditty" finished. So...

Yep, it gouged a ding in the brand new mat! Grrrrr

Can't say I didn't warn myself...I knew better...but then....lesson learned!

In and Because of HIM,


Quilter In Paradise said...

I have one of those blades, haven't used it yet..
does it really gouge the mats?? OH MY!
Beth in Dallas

Grandma Susan Quilts said...

Yes Beth...I gouged a bit out of my new mat! I've decided the best way to handle that is to cut my old mat into smaller sections and use that instead. The pinking blade is great and fast but MURDER on the rotary mat!