Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kathy Adams of KoolKat Quilting

Kathy Adams of KoolKat Quilting is one of  Handmade with Love designers. We are so excited to have Kathy with us.

I had an opportunity to interview Kathy a while back and would love to introduce you to her. Hope you enjoy reading about her and her "rise to fame" in the quilting world.

Hi Kathy, how did you come up with the name for your company? 

"I have always had cats as pets, right from when I grew up.  Currently we have one very spoilt Burmese cat named Kurtley.  Since I have been working from home, I have noticed how often the cat is stretched out sound asleep.  This led to thoughts like “If I come back, I’m coming back as that cat,” and from there to contemplating how “cool” the cat appeared to be in its whole approach to life.  Hence “KoolKat Quilting”

How did you get your start and who gave you your first “break” if they did?

"I have been quilting for the past 20 years and after having sent my quilts to a long arm quilting service and appreciating the benefits, I decided to purchase my first Gammill Classic in 2003.  My first “break” occurred shortly afterwards when a friend appeared on my door-step with five quilts.  “Heard you just bought a quilting machine,” she said. I had hardly opened the instruction book before I found myself plunging in at the deep end as a machine quilting service.  Some time after that I decided to start designing my own quilt patterns.  I have had art and design training and a love of designing and making things which has encompassed anything from making my own clothes, to pottery, lead-light glass work and now quilt patterns.  This background coupled with a working knowledge of design software such as CorelDraw, helped me get started.  A quilt shop in Brisbane took one of my first designs, Gather Ye Rosebuds, as a Block of the Month, and this, plus KoolKat’s machine quilting customers, has helped me to develop my quilt pattern design work."
What type “work” do you prefer?

"I love stained glass quilts, contemporary quilts, traditional quilts – everything!"

How long have you been at your craft?

"I started making quilts about 20 years ago – gosh, it is that long ago!  I thought it would be an easy and “cheap” hobby and that I could just use scraps of any old fabric – fortunately I am much wiser now.  But as my friends say – it’s still a lot cheaper than therapy!"

Who has been the most influential person in your craft career?

"My first quilting teachers and quilting friends were so very supportive and encouraging.  Quilting has been very relaxing during challenging times of my life. I have found the quilting world to be very positive – I love “show and tell” as do all quilters.  It is also a very social activity."

Kathy lives in Queensland, Australia in a large rural town. She has been married for thirty-four years and wonders "where they all went". Kathy and her husband have one daughter, twenty-eight years old and is currently studing."

What gives you the greatest JOY in life.

"I have so much to be grateful for – my wonderful husband, great family and friends, good health and many creative opportunities. The artistic drive is very strong within me. I love to see an original quilt design come to fruition.  After visualizing an idea it is wonderful to be able to touch and feel the finished item.  I am lucky, working professionally in the quilting field, that I have had access to the best quality machines and materials to help my work come to life.  Also, because I quilt full time, all the practice I have had over the years has developed my skills enormously so that I am now able to execute most of my ideas without too much frustration.

My goals for the next decade include getting my patterns and designs out there for more quilters to enjoy, entering some major quilt shows, and continuing to provide a terrific quilting service for all my customers."

Kathy, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.
You can check Kathy and KoolKat Quilting out at our temporary home by clicking HERE!

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