Friday, July 25, 2008


As you all know hurricane Dolly blew through south Texas with a SLOW vengeance!

Happy to report that my brother and sister-in-law are physically fine...

Sad to report that the town is not so fine...

I am only getting reports from my mother when she talks to them and that is not very often due to cell phone batteries not being able to be charged. So this is very much second hand news...however, here is what I know.

Yes, Bo and Cricket "rode out the storm" in their home. The house is "livable" according to Bo.

The rental on the bay however is another story. The down stairs is basically "a wash" no pun intended. The storm surge ripped out the entire down stairs including the stairs going to the second floor rental. Bo says they can't even get in to see what damage may be waiting for them there. I don't know if that means the whole structure is unsafe to go in or exactly what...

The 500 foot long pier that went out into the bay is no longer. :(

Cricket did call mom today to let her know that they are still physically fine.

As best I can determine based on Bo's exact words is: "The whole town is gone."

We have been praying since we discovered that Dolly was churning her way to the Texas coast. We are continuing to pray for not only the safety but also the peace that only God can bring in times like these.

Please help us pray along those lines....God IS good and He is good ALL the time.
We know God has a plan it is our job to find the plan and plug into it.

All the folks there truly need a fresh touch from our Lord.

Thank you all for your concern and prayers.

In and Because of HIM,

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Erin said...

Hi, Susan,
My prayers go out for you family in Port Mansfield. What a tough, tough time for them as they stitch their lives back together. Thank you for praying for Maura and asking others to pray. I saw that you misidentified the type of cancer that she has (re:May 28) She has "high-grade unclassified sarcoma", not Hodgkins lymphoma.