Monday, August 18, 2008


What a day....

Go to see my chiropractor, go to work at It's A Stitch, lunch time....then someone said to me "Susan, how did you get by with wearing jeans today?" OMG was I just so embarrassed (dress code: NO jeans). How funny! Everyone including Judy our owner laughed at me all day.

Other than that today was a good day. Lots of work to catch up things to order...busy, busy, busy.

I am working on a new project for my Etsy might want to continue to check that out. Maybe I'll get more quilt tops and aprons put in my store before long. I have so many just sitting here...I need to just do it.

A new yo yo project came in the mail this week from one of my Etsy customers. Lots of pretty fabrics to make all sizes of yo yos. You might want to check Carla's store out at

My sewing room is finally completed...I have struggled with "cleaning & straightening" it since our break in last June. But, after several false starts it is done. My computer area is next on the agenda...we'll see how long that takes to get in order. I really am so excited though b/c I can finally get some serious sewing and quilting done.

New Etsy items:

I really miss sewing so be on the looke out for "STUFF". Getting into doing my custom order things again. Baby quilts, bibs, hats, aprons, monogramming. I love it all.

See ya soon.

In and Because of HIM,

Also, please visit this is saving my life...literally

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