Saturday, May 16, 2009

My finished project from SEW WHAT Guild

I have promised for a very long time to publish the photo from my Fat Quarter exchange on SEW WHAT.

My exchange partner was Karen Gass.

Here is the before.....................................................and the after!

The planning was a community effort by my co-workers at It's A Stitch (my REAL job).

The implementing was challenging. However, I arose to the occasion and after snipping cutting and otherwise re-arranging the piece a million times...the decision was made to make QUILT DIVA just what she is...quirky and not so "put together" as it were.

Hope you enjoy her as much as I did in making the piece.

After our SEW WHAT BLOG TOUR we need to set that up...I'll do the planning and co-coordinating this time. ) D

Thanks Karen! This was SEW much fun.


foxaz said...

Very lovely! You do beautiful work.

Susan Peterman said...

Thanks foxaz. This was really a very fun project. And challenging in that only 2 of the motiffs were really usable. But not being one to be deterred...It finally "fell into place".

Christy said...

It looks awesome susan! well done!

Guild Master said...

Just LOVE your "Quilt Diva"!!! My "play" job is in a quilt shop, too. I work 1-2 days a week and teach a couple of classes a month.

Great Blog!

Kim a.k.a. vabeachquilter

Grandma Susan Quilts said...

Hey Kim, Where do you work? Does your shop have a website? What sort of classes do you teach????

Guild Master said...

I "play" at What's Your Stitch 'N Stuff in Virginia Beach, VA.

I've actually cut my hours back to 1 day a week because I've been so busy with all my online shops.

If you click on classes and scroll down, you'll see 2 that I'm teaching this quarter (Kim Brinsfield).

I'm currently teaching "Grandmother's Flower Garden" and "Trio Strip Quilt" (that's basically for beginner's).

I also teach the Buggy Barn "Crazy" method, paper-piecing, and anything else that strikes my fancy at the time.

I actually finally finished the binding on my Grandmother's Flower Garden and will be posting a pic on my blog later today.

I also launched a new blog today to teach a variety of sewing/stitching techniques and how to use notions and tools.

That one is:

Kim :) VaBeachQuilter