Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sewing Room

Here is a picture of the apron I made this morning! The fabric I chose, the pocket being sewn on and the finished project. Pretty wouldn't you agree?

Thought I'd post a couple pictures of my sewing room. Actually it was our garage at one point. BUT, has been taken over thanks to my DH! He gladly gave up all his domain for my sewing.

He wanted to put carpeting down but I protested and won~ after all I would be the one to have to vacuum and we all know what dropped pins, etc. do to vacuum cleaners. It was as good of an excuse as any right?

Maybe I'll post more photos. Like those of my bookshelves, ironing surface, computer area, and all my sewing stash! Well...maybe not ALL that would be a little...should I say overwhelming?

In and Because of HIM,

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