Friday, May 8, 2009

Quilting Trivia

brought to you by SEW YOU WANT TO BE A QUILTER

Here is how the game will go...
I'll ask a series of questions.
You'll have an opportunity to answer before you see the answers.
To see the answers just scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

OK here we go.
***In a "carding machine" what are the "cards"?
***Victorian Crazy Quilts would often incorporate a spider web, why was that?
***Who is the author of "Rotary Roundup?"
***How would slaves supposedly create maps on quilts?
***Where is a thimble normally worn?
***What is the seam allowance for "Raw Edge" applique?

***Wooden paddles with wire needles on the inside surface to remove seeds and trash from cotton.
***It was thought to be good luck.
***Judy Hopkins and Nancy J. Martin.
***Using stitching and knots to designate areas and topography.
***On the middle finger of the dominate hand, though some still wear them on the thumb.
***0 (zero), patterns are cut to their final size

Hope your enjoyed this little trivia.

In and Because of HIM,

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