Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today my plans include playing with my grandchildren for a bit, church, picking up a new sofa and love seat, blogging (which I haven't' done in FOREVER), and working on both my websites and Oh and if I have time LOL I want to finish up the pair of PJ bottoms I made for my dear hubby.

Think I'll make it? Even if I get a small portion of that done I'll be so tickled. I can at least mark this off my list.

My current MUST DO is my Art Fire website. No sales yet but with my Google Analytic site I'm able to "see" who, what, how many, and where people are that are finding my shop. It is only a matter of time...After all I've been fairly successful on Etsy! Why not Art Fire.

Still considering a craft sale in May. Not much success in location yet...but the projects are coming in daily. Thought I might do one in Baytown, Texas where my mother lives. That way she wouldn't have to "tote" all her stuff here to Spring. A very good possibility that is what I'll do.

Well,got to get off here and start getting ready for church.

See y'all later.

In and Because of HIM,


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