Saturday, January 10, 2009


Saturday January 10, 2009 is proving to be an interesting day already. We woke to 70ish temperatures. Before the day even starts we will be in the 40's. So I guess we have a cold front coming in. OK for all you people northof us that is far from cold but for us here in southeast Texas that is cold and if the wind blows well....we feel as if we are in a deep freeze.

Anyway, my boss gave me some escape room game web sites to look at and I am already frustrated. I've not been able to escape any room regardless of how EASY they say they are to solve. SO, I won't be on those to often.

Today before we go to our friends house tonight to play our usual Mexican Train dominoe game (where Janace or Rick)will win as usual...sorry got off on a tangent there. I hope to reorganize my sewing room once again. One of these days I will get it right....I just know it.

My thoughts on that is that if I rearrange enough times I'll come up with a very workable room. Yesterday I had a brain storm which I will try out today. If I arrange it as if I were teaching quilting classes again then it would work for me. Sounds like a real plan anyway...I think!

Well not much else going are a few Etsy views for you:

Until next time.

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