Sunday, December 20, 2009


Today one of my co-editors for RUBY ezine shared on our members only blog the following website...WardrobeRefashion

I took Bridgetts' lead but only signed up for a two month pledge to refashion my wardrobe! Don't want to OVER COMMITT to anything over & above my already over committed life! So here is a picture of MY SIDE of the can't tell which pieces of clothing needs to be ReFashioned but I know. And there are MANY.

So, Brigett we are in this one together. And who knows at the end of my two months I may sign up for another and another and another....I have plenty of clothes to refashion that's for sure.

Looking forward to seeing where God leads me in this venture.

In and Because of HIM,

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spinndiva said...


I am so looking forward to sharing this adventure with you! :D