Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas to my wonderful friends both here at home and online!

Here is a picture of the "decorations" we finally managed to get up so that our grandchildren wouldn't think we were total duffases for not putting any up! The kids made these decorations a few years ago and I couldn't resist an easy decorate!

On the top of the tree is my hat that Courtney...our middle grandchild...made for me for Mothers Day last year. She did it all by herself with only a small bit of suggestions from her mother. It is the most beautiful present I've ever gotten from any one in my whole life.

The editors of Ruby eZine all decided to allow our editor-n- chief to draw names to see who would exchange gifts with name was drawn by the editor (Karen Gass) herself and the little bear with a Christmas wreath halo was my gift from her. Isn't she just the most adorable little thing you've ever seen. Karen made this little jewel with her own two hands I might add. THANK YOU Karen!

Well...the day is done. We spent it with our two DD's and the oldest DH's husband and her 3 children. We had a wonderful fun filled day. We ate...exchanged gifts...played Wii sports...ate...played some more Wii sports and then every one left...Sure is quiet after the storm...but what a very nice storm it was.

Hope you and yours had as great of a day as did we!


Merry CHRISTmas to each and everyone.

In and Because of HIM,

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