Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Morning /Evening

Monday, June 9, 2008
First day back at work since the weekend.
Looking forward to going back to my re-buying job at

My new favorite middle grandchild, Courtney, (she is my ONLY middle grandchild :0) made me a little Nintendo Chihuahua named after my little Annie Sue. Annie died 2 years ago and I have been very sad ever since. This cute little Chihuahua looks just like her. THANK YOU Courtney!

I thought you all might want a look at my favorite Long Arm Quilting Person. Her name is Sheila. We have been friends for a few years. Her email address is
Her work has been in local quilt shows and won't be surprised if one day she has her work in the Houston International Quilt Festival here some fall.

Be sure to check out my favorite items in my ETSY store: to work.
Hope everyone has a great MONDAY!

In and Because of HIM,
Grandma Susan

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