Saturday, June 28, 2008

BAY PIRATES RENTALS in Port Mansfield, Texas

The other day I told you all that we had gone on vacation to Port Mansfield, Texas. I thought I might share another photo with you from Port Mansfield.

During the day not only is fishing #1 on the agenda but sight seeing is also. However, sight seeing is not like you'd imagine. One of the places we stayed was at my brothers' home. We sat on the front porch (which, by the way) faced the vast expanses of the King Ranch. In a days time we saw deer, wild hogs, wild turkey's and the babies of wild turkeys.

The buck deer are in velvet and are gorgeous; while driving down the street you will see deer. Just sitting under the cool shade of the mesquite trees; then when the feeders go off the deer just come running from everywhere to feed. What a sight. They come up into the yards and feed as well.

The wild hogs are very, very LARGE.

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Can you tell I'm excited?

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