Friday, June 27, 2008


Last week we took a trip to see my brother Bo and his wife Cricket in Port Mansfield, Texas.

What a treat....Not only did we get to catch up on "family life" but we also did a LOT of fishing.

Fishing from the 500 foot pier that goes out into the Laguna Madre but also from Bo's fishing boat! We caught red fish, trout and hugh sun burns! Talk about fun!!!!!

I learned to wade fish in the Gulf of Mexico (well the bay that is). In the process I saw many critters that would have been missed had I stayed on the boat. First we saw dolphin...then while wading we saw hermit crabs, oyster beds, and once back on the boat a group of brown sting ray swam by. What a sight. Can't wait to "DO IT AGAIN".

We stayed at Bo and Crickets home but we also got to stay in one of their rentals right on the bay. What a joy and treat that was. 2 bedrooms...1 bath fully stocked area (with Diret TV)...Talk about a beautiful sunrise over the Gulf!

We will be going again. While I can't explain the beauty we saw perhaps this photo will help your visual some.

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