Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well, it's official. Seems like summer is here to stay. High heat and humidity are what's going on here is Southeast Texas. How about where you are?

Aside from the weather I am making YO YOs! Been at it all day. Sold a grouping to Ramona at HARPERS Fabulous Finds. She's planning a great sale for her customers and is using my handmade Yo Yos as part of her promotion! I'm so very excited to see that come together.

Today, Sunday, I've been making Yo Yos all day! Watching made for TV movies and sewing. One of my great customers on Etsy commissioned me to make custom Yo Yos for her childrens clothing line. I am using fabrcis she sent to me. I am having so much fun. Her line of clothing can be found at:

Today is just a wonderful day.

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday.

In and Because of HIM,
Susan aka Grandma

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